Unrealized Archive 7

Text to Image


Modified Keyboard, 2022

Yuri Sung

Sculpture, Video

There are many different ways in which people communicate. Depending on the person they are talking to, they make choices every second about which words to use and how to structure their sentences. Some individuals even have specific words or exclamations that they repeatedly employ.

The concept of redefining a keyboard emerged from these observations of how people communicate. If a speaker's preferred words and sentence structures vary depending on the listener, could this phenomenon be utilized to create a visually interesting representation of letter frequency?

Modified keyboard is an experimental attempt to implement a customized keyboard that dynamically adapts to the speaker's conversational style and the listener.

For Unrealized Archive 7, we present a keyboard that includes one speaker, the author, and one listener, the author's friend Dayoung, along with the relationships surrounding them.