Unrealized Archive 7

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Synergy, Reflection, Imagine, 2013

Yejin Cho


This psychological study of color started with a curiosity regarding how people might translate color into language and how written descriptions might then be translated again into color. For this project I chose three colors from the Sherwin-Williams collection, Synergy, Imagine and Reflection. Each of these names are incredibly ambiguous and open to interpretation in their own way, so different set of instructions were created for each color and documented as results.

Participators: Ah Hyung Chung, Ali Qadeer, Amanda Sim, Andrew Friedman, Andrew Lu, Andy Chen, Anther Kiley, Brienne Jones, Catherine Cieslewicz, Chris Hamamoto, Chloe Lee, Colin Frazer, Elisa Maezono, Eun Kim, Eunyoung Kim, Eugene Park, Federico Villoro Ferez, Franziska Stteter, Hyunjin Kim, Jia Lee, Jiwon Park, Jonathan Yamakami, Justin Chen, Lehu Zhang, Ojus Doshi, Mari Iwahara, Minji Lee, Minkyoung Kim, Minsun Eo, Namwoo Bae, Tina J., Virginia Chow, Wael Morcos, Yoana WIllman