Unrealized Archive 7

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Multi, 2015

O-R-G (David Reinfurt)


Multi is a (very) simple application for making and sending faces. Working from a limited stock of punctuation glyphs, Multi tirelessly assembles various configurations.

David Reinfurt is an independent graphic designer working in a number of different arrangements. he works independently under his own name or that of his small software company, O R G . He also works with designer Stuart Bertolotti-Bailey under the shared pseudonym Dexter Sinister. Reinfurt runs a publishing project called The Serving Library with Bertolotti-Bailey, curator Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey, and novelist Vincenzo Latronico. Otherwise, he typically works with an extended network of artists, designers, writers, architects, often on more than one project over time. Reinfurt teaches at Princeton University.